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what is dabawallah?

Wouldn't it be cool if dinner was easy. That’s why we’re here. Time is important to us, and there is never enough of it. Coming home from work with more work to do, walking the dog, getting the kids ready for bed, paying the bills, painting the fence, etc., all means we have increasingly less time to enjoy eating right. Dinner should be delicious, and it should be easy.

We realized millions of our friends have the same daily routine. We repeatedly ask the same question, “what should we eat?” and 20 minutes later we order the same meal from the same place.

We solved that problem by connecting local restaurants to your dinner table, simply.

our mission

Our mission is to make discovering, sharing, and eating food easy. Your favorite restaurants should be an extension of your kitchen. Eating should make you feel good, and be good for you. It should be the best part of your day spent with family, friends, and new friends in your community.

We believe in being nice, working hard, taking chances, giving back, being responsible, turning great ideas into great actions, and making time for what matters. Great technology takes great teams. If you believe food should be easy and want to step out on the journey to awesome, we want to hear from you.

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